il chiaramontano

The salami factory was born tanks to Massimiliano Castro’s passion for good food.
Son of Sicilian immigrants moved to Brianza, near Milan, Massimiliano has been working in this sector since the beginning of the 80’s.
He moved to Chiaramonte Gulfi in Sicily where he opened his first butcher’s shop in the early 90’s. Driven by the passion research and innovation in the food industry as well as good food and at the same time by the rediscovery of century-old culinary traditions of his homeland, he begins to work with local meats and in the late 90’s introduces new methods of producing salami and meats from his land by using extraordinary cuts of meats such as donkey’s foal and black swine which are native of Sicily.
The constant and passionate research for the rediscovery of the Sicilian culinary tradition led him to achieve the prestigious award “Best in Sicily” in 2012 for the best butcher in Sicily thanks to its donkey salami, a sausage that served as a forerunner for a successful line of delicious sausages thanks to the tasty and flavorful meat of this useful animal.The love of Massimiliano for his job and his homeland led him to use not only what his homeland had to offer, like donkey’s foal and wild swine but also the best local in the food industry the area has to offer:
Pistachios, Nero d’Avola wine, Salt from Trapani, bovines and buffalos and much more…
At the end of 2014 to face an increasingly large and local popular demand, he founded a new company called: “Il Chiaramontano di Castro & Company s.r.l.”.
Moving the production to Ragusa, our Massimiliano surrounds himself with passionate meat butchers and soon starts collaborating closely with them, even with local farmers, agreeing on the proper feeding of the livestock, with the intention of making traditional products more innovative and tastier.
Our mission is to bring to Your table healty and natural products, with unique taste and, as our slogan says:
“Your satisfaction feeds our passion”.